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Furry Tails: Bunnies, Badgers & Bambi

Let's showcase some of our favourite furry tails - from cute bunnies to bold badgers and prancing deer, if you're looking for some animal companions for your property, these cuties have your name on them!


You may not want bunnies digging in your vegetables, but these cuties are welcome anytime! Crafted from 2mm mild steel, these bunny sculptures come with spikes to securely place them in gardens or planters. The fun design adds a playful touch to any outdoor space. Pick your design at checkout.


Our rustic 2D badgers come in large or small, and would make a dapper addition to any garden. Perfect for along a forest path or hedgerow, these furry friends will add a lot of fun to your garden.


We have all kinds of deer statues, from huge 3D masterpieces, to this rustic family of deer. Mama, papa and bambi would make a great collection of statues at the top of a rise, or down by a stream. Add them along a fence line for decoration too!

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