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Cast Iron Planters & Pots

If you're looking for cast iron planters and pots for your garden, we've got you covered. From big tubs to dainty urns, the choice is in our online shop!

Cast Iron Urns

If you want to add a bit of grandeur to your garden, entrance, or garden wall, then these beautiful cast iron urns are a great purchase. With the rustic patina of cast iron, these have a roll top, and delightful detailing.

Campagna Urns

Get yourself a pair of these cast iron campagna urns on plinths. Making the perfect pairing for either side of a gateway, or as a punctuation along a low garden wall.

Iron Tubs

For serious planter game, these stunning large verdigris iron tubs are heavy duty and hold a lot. Great for rented gardens where you can't plant into the ground, they will transform your patio.

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