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Garden Party Accessories from Beechwood Trinkets

If you want beautiful, handcrafted garden party accessories for your next bash, let Beechwood Trinkets provide!

Here are some of our favourite pieces, which would be talking points for your next garden party for sure.

Metal fire pit

Choose one of our metal fire pits as a centrepiece of your next garden party. Available in a range of styles, or made custom to your specifications, these beautiful fire pits will light up your garden space!

Rustic Garden Flare

Imagine a row of these striking torches along your driveway to guide people to your next garden extravaganza! Designed to look incredible, but also be fully functional flame torches for your property - they will add a great rustic addition to your space.

Natural Stone Water Feature

Our natural stone water features are the item that you didn't know you needed, but they are mesmerising and such a great addition to your garden.

If you are having a garden party, they will inevitably a talking point as people gather to enjoy them. The gentle sound of water, and the stunning choice of stone you can choose from, make them a welcome addition to any garden.

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