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Unique and Artistic Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are one of our favourite lines of product. Not only because it is a special time of year... but because decorating the tree with quality ornaments that can be passed down through the family, is a gift we can help with.

Here are some of the unique and artistic Christmas decorations we offer in our store.

Shiny or rustic - you choose!

Many of our baubles come in a choice of shiny steel or with the rusted patina - whatever your aesthetic, you can choose what suits. For a homestead style rustic tree, then our vintage-look is a great option. For a more modern look, the shiny polished version is for you!

Letter love

If you're looking to personalise your tree a little, getting these hanging letter decorations is a great idea. One for each member of the family, so everyone has a presence on the tree this Christmas!

Reindeer magic

Don't forget Donna, Blitzen and Rudolph! We have three different kinds of deer baubles to choose from - the Rustic Leaping Deer, the Standing Deer, and Leaping Deer cut out. Pick your reindeer, and let the kids name him or her!

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