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Bird is the Word!

Updated: Jan 26

Love birds? We have a huge array of bird sculptures for your garden. From chooks to woodpeckers, blackbirds and roosters. The ideal gift for bird lovers, these bird sculptures will delight as a gift.


Here, chicky chick chick

Introducing you to our delightful hen selection - each with its own name and personality! Henrietta, Betty, Marjorie, Mildred, and Gloria will bring your garden or lawn to life. Or why not get the whole flock, with rooster and all!

A waddling of ducks

Did you know the collective noun for ducks is also a 'waddling' as well as the usual 'flock'? Get yourself your very own waddling of ducks in your garden. They'd look fabulous flocked around a pond or raised bed.

If you want ducks, but can't have farm animals, get yourself some of our beautiful handcrafted metal ones!

Blackbirds, woodpeckers, pheasants and more...

We have lots of other birds too. Our sweet little blackbird would make a subtle silhouette on a lawn; and the noble woodpecker would suit any tree!

From flying pheasants to cheeky chooks, we have garden sculptures for bird-lovers everywhere!

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