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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

After our last bird showcase, we realised there were lots more birds to mention in our collection! Here are some more of our avian friends...

Hoot Hoot

This wise owl can find a home in a tree trunk, fence post or the side of a shed. All that is missing is the soft hoot hoot of a real owl, otherwise the owl is practically perfect in every way.


If you want a show-stopper, the Heron is just that! Standing 91cm tall, this majestic creature is perfect for low brush or wetlands, where this bird would naturally be. With some grass motifs at the feet, it will seamlessly blend into the surroundings of your garden.


What bird is very cute, but rarely found in your garden? A puffin! This cutie has been designed in 2D to create lovely silhouettes and to brighten up any border. Particularly sweet if added to a coastal garden!

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