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Create Visual Interest with Garden Focal Points

Transforming an ordinary garden into an enchanting outdoor haven is a blend of gardening prowess and design flair. One key aspect of achieving this transformation lies in the strategic placement of garden focal points. These captivating elements not only elevate the aesthetics but also guide the eye and establish a sense of harmony within the space.

Planter Magic

Use planters as dividers between spaces, showcase areas, or screens to augment the view. These visual anchors can transform gardens into living galleries and garden focal points.

Put a few of our rectangular trough planters together to make a screen. Set up some smaller planters around a water feature to guide your eye to this feature. Separate different areas with taller planter selections - allowing you to move these when required.

Statement Pieces

Do you want to have a piece of garden art so striking that it becomes the garden focal point for the whole property? Then our large steel profile animals, or 3D sculptures might appeal to you.

From galvanised planters that showcase vibrant blooms to large welded steel sculptures that stand as majestic centrepieces, our creations will 'wow' your guests. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, embracing the natural surroundings as inspiration.

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