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Make a Statement with our Large Steel Sculptures

From silhouetted animals to 3D stags, we have an amazing array of large steel sculptures for your delectation. Bring your garden alive with these wonderful creatures!

Flat silhouette creatures

Our silhouette-style sheet steel creatures are fantastic for a crest of a hill, an open lawn, or along a fence or boundary.

Choose from our sassy hair cow, jaunty reindeers, fox or stag. For smaller areas, why not get a flock of chickens or some rustic hares?

3D sculptures

For a statement piece, why not consider our beautiful 3D sculptures. Our large 3D stag is custom made and would be an absolute show-stopper at your property.

We also have the filigree-effect woodland stag, which gives the appearance of being 3D, despite it being only 2D.

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