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Roses are… metal

Roses are red

Violets are metal

Come and get These Devon-made petals...

Rustic rose

While you're waiting on your spring foliage and flowers coming in, why not add these gorgeous roses to your garden. Made from 3mm thick steel, and standing 47cm high, our rustic roses are a great filler for gaps in your planting, or while waiting for a plant to grow.

An array of flowers

If roses aren't your cup of tea, grab one of our artistic 3-dimensional layered flowers. Pick a petal type you like and mix and match between the 3 designs. These make lovely gifts too - a metal flower bouquet lasts longer than a regular bouquet!

Allium and more

These intensely bushy alliums are a fun idea too. Pop them into your flower pot for a sassy side of garden decoration. Our alliums come in both 2D and 3D versions. We also have lots of other inspiring flower options for you - take your pick!

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