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Statement Garden Sculptures

Statement garden sculptures can totally change the aesthetics of your outdoor space. If you have a large garden, having a sculpture can provide a focal point for the eye too. Here are some statement garden sculptures we offer.

Make it modern

Talk about a statement garden sculpture! Our garden light tower takes the best of modern sculptural sensibilities and combines it with out of this world lighting - for a really vibrant garden centrepiece. Use this next to your seating area as both a sculptural piece and as lighting!

Super stag

If you want a show-stopper, our huge 3D stag is for you. This glorious beast is perfect for the beginning of your driveway, upon a rise, or in the front garden of your business as a talking point.

Make a fire pit the focal point

If you want to make your statement garden piece both pretty and functional, why not consider a fire pit? This wide iron fire pit looks a little like a champagne coupe in our opinion - what do you think?

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