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Butterfly Gift Showcase

Butterflies, the ultimate garden showpiece and decoration. These three rustic butterflies make perfect gifts, and will light up any garden.

Rustic Butterfly

Our beautiful rustic butterfly can either be fitted to a fence or used on a 90cm metal stake in a flowerbed or lawn.

The intricate patterns are cut into the steel, so they can be used agains a coloured fence to great effect.

Large 3D Butterfly

For a really special gift, our large 3D butterfly really stands out. Created in pieces, the wings slot into the body to create the 3D effect.

As the metal patina evolves, the butterfly comes alive with an organic look. This winged masterpieces makes for a striking gift.

Small Butterfly on a stake

If you want to brighten up your flower beds, these small butterflies on stakes are such a sweet addition.

These make for fun garden party decorations too!

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