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Happy Highland Cows

Let us introduce our gorgeous highland cows, or 'heilan coos' if you're in Scotland! If you want one or both of these cuties, you can find them in our shop links below.

Highland Cow Wall Hanging

This absolute beauty uses negative space to create the most impactful wall art around. Cutaways in the sheet metal highlight the shaggy face of a highland cow - perfect for a barn, external wall, or highland-cow-lover!

Standing Highland Cow

If you want something truly impactful, why not get our standing rustic highland cow. Attached with a spike into the ground, this 2D cutout is available in two sizes, to ensure it fits in any sized garden. Available in 40cm x 55cm or 80cm x 140cm, this gorgeous cow will light up any garden space.

If 'heilan coos' are your favourite animal, get in touch to talk about a custom project, should the above products not be to the specifications you are looking for.

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