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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Beechwood Trinkets

Trying to think of some last minute gift ideas? Check out these little trinkets, perfect for those last minute Christmas gifts, or extras for the office Secret Santa!

Bouncing bunnies

You can't not fall in love with these delightfully rustic bunny rabbits. Perfect for pots or on the edge of your lawn - they will delight anyone who receives them.

Sitting on spikes, so they can sit up in your garden. The bunnies come in simple 2mm steel cutouts, or the larger and more detailed bunny linked below.

Friendly fungi

These cartoon mushrooms would be a cute addition to any garden. For apartment-dwellers, spike these into a pot-plant as an adorable decoration.

They come in a set of 3, each with their own unique mushroom pattern. A perfectly sweet last minute gift idea for Christmas.

Beautiful butterflies

These sensational butterflies will brighten up any garden or pot. We offer 4 different kinds of butterfly:

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