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Metal Plants and Flowers

Ideal for those winter days when the garden plants aren't at their best, and the garden is looking a little scarce, these metal plants and flowers will keep your garden looking lovely no matter the weather!


Standing at 1.2 meters high, these bulrushes bring a rustic charm to any garden border or pondside. Slim and elegant, they're perfect when grouped in threes. These are made to order, so when you are ready for some handcrafted magic, please get in touch.

Fern leaf

Bring enduring beauty to your garden with our handcrafted fern sculpture. The rich, rustic orange hues will complement your garden year-round. Crafted from durable 3mm thick steel, it has a metal bar welded for added support along the back.

3D beauty

You know how some gardens just have that extra little something that makes them pop? This rustic 3D agapanthus is going to be that special touch for your outdoor space. One of our favourite flower designs, it stands 1 meter tall with garden spike.

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