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Quirky Gift Ideas from Beechwood Trinkets

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Looking for something a bit different for a friend? From our broods of chooks, to more unusual animal friends as garden sculptures, there is something for everyone here at Beechwood Trinkets.

Something sweet

Something for our Welsh customers - the gorgeous puffin! This sweet little bird is made from steel sheeting, and works a bit like a silhouette in your garden. Casting little puffin shadows, if placed somewhere sunny. Or just a sweet garden friend for your lawn or borders.

We recommend amusing pairings with our other cute animals, such as the red fox (It's a children's book in the making!)

Something funny

Looking for something funny for the jokester in your life? These waxed toilet rolls are an amusing gift for those with a good sense of humour!

Pair with one of our candle holders or lanterns for full effect.

Something for the gardener

We make garden art, so naturally our art is garden inspired. But if you want to give a gardener a gift with meaning, nothing says 'I understand you' more than a garden snail sculpture. The bane of many gardens, this garden snail is the much more welcome version of the creature!

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