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Signage from Beechwood Trinkets

Here at Beechwood Trinkets we offer a range of signage options - from pre-made letters and garden signage, to indoor wall art and custom signage options.

Rustic Letters

DIY a sign with our rustic letters! No matter what sign you want to create, these letters can be combined to make it. They can be used inside or outdoors, and have 3 different letter sizes. Pick what you need and spell it out in steel!

Pre-Made Wall Art For Your Home

We have an array of wall art on offer. From our sweet 'Family' in a heart, to LOVE signs in a few styles - bring some metal wall art into your home with these sweet designs. With love, from Beechwood Trinkets.

Custom Signage

We are open to commissions for custom signage too, so please get in touch if you want us to bring to life your business signage or speciality lettering.

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