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Quirky Collections - Spiders to Gnomes and more...

It's not Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! here at Beechwood Trinkets, it's more Spiders and Otters and Gnomes, Oh My! Here are some of the quirky collections we have in store at the moment.

Spidey senses

Arachnophobes, look away! This wonderfully crafted spider sits in 3D, carefully cut and made out of 1 piece of sheet steel. For spider lovers and lovers of all things quirky!

A whole otter love

Are you all otter love? Ok, I'll stop. This adorable otter is a welcome addition to any garden. Perhaps not the usual garden-dweller, why not create a little menagerie of cute animals to liven up your garden space or planters.


Don't tell us these aren't the cutest fellows ever! Purchased as a set of 4, all you need to do is decide where they'll find their home in your garden, or whether you'll share them as gifts. All are around 40cm tall, so they could also work in planters as well as lawns and garden borders.

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