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Wall Art Showcase

Wall art can bring a plain wall to life. Either an external wall that could use some decoration, or an indoor wall that you want to warm up, here are some of our wall art options in the store.

From Cornwall with love...

Cornwall proud? Absolutely! Available in a choice of 55cm, 75cm or 100cm width, this Cornwall map wall art is a real showstopper. Abstract to a degree, but immediately recognisable, this design makes a great talking point on your walls.

Cow, deer or horse?

We love animals, so we bring you many 2D wall art options which are animal themed. From our sassy highland cow, to our proud horse, we've got you covered. Our highland cow utilises negative space and cutaways to create the wall art, which is quite a striking effect.

Tree of life

Connecting your home to nature and vice versa, this beautiful garden wall art is 61cm x 61cm in size, and makes a great focal point. Bring the tree of life into your garden fence or external wall - what a beauty!

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