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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

The star motif is a classic shape, reminiscent of starry nights, nursery rhymes, and flags. It makes for wonderful Christmas decorations and wall art, amongst other things.

Barn stars

These beautiful 3D stars are perfect for your barn or outbuilding. Made of 10 individual planes of steel, welded together to make a 5-pointed star, these give a great sense of depth. Group them together for impact!

Christmas twinkles

Our Christmas stars are some of our favourites. Brighten up your tree next Christmas with these cute little sheet steel stars. Or buy a bunch and use them as decorative stars on your Christmas gifts!

Rustic hanging star

These cut large stars have a cutout in the middle to make them light and great for decoration. Hang them at Christmas time, or have them as part of a bigger wall art installation. If stars are your favourite motif, then don't miss having one of these beauties on your wall.

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