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Romantic Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Hearts are a popular motif here at Beechwood Trinkets. Here are some of our favourite heart-shaped trinkets for your perusal.

Horse & Puppy Love

Love horses? Then you'll love this horseshoe within a rustic heart decoration. Show your horse-loving friends some love this year with this cute little trinket. It doesn't have to wait until Christmas, embrace decorations all year round!

Are puppies or kitties more your pace? Get the paw print version!

Love Sign

One of our favourite signs, the LOVE sign comes in both red and rustic finishes. With a heart motif inside the O, you get double love with this LOVE sign!

We also do a beautiful silver heart with the word LOVE inside it - get both if you can't choose!

Rustic Heart Wall Art

Go big or go home, right? Available in 8", 10" or 12" versions, our rustic heart wall art can be hung with twine or on a nail. Perfect for shed or barn decoration, or inside the home too, these rustic hearts are all about the love!

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